Individual Services

Leaders need to motivate and inspire their people, work collaboratively with peers, and build a productive relationship with their supervisor. But how do you know how others perceive you? How clearly are you articulating your goals and the process to accomplishing them? Explore these questions and more to accelerate your leadership development.

Leadership Coaching
Coaching is about enhancing your ability to recognize and address your challenges and opportunities. Our Certified Executive Coaches are consciously supportive, yet challenging to ensure you meet your goals. They are intentional listeners, ask great questions to promote the development of insight, and hold you accountable for following through on your commitments. When you’re ready to challenge yourself to be a better leader, gives us a call.

360 Leadership Reviews
Whether you’re looking for help with an annual performance review or you need some extra support for an evolving leader, you’ve come to the right place. 360 Reviews are an excellent tool to help leaders improve and focus on their long-term career development. The combined perspectives of reporting staff, peers and supervisor offers a comprehensive picture about a leader’s skills, behaviour and impact.

Our Certified Executive Coaches know how to establish rapport, ask probing questions, remain objective and respect the confidentiality of all parties. Gathering a variety of perspectives, we pull together an objective report outlining current leadership strengths, challenges and gaps impacting the operation of an organization, division or department.

Creating a thorough Leadership Development Plan is a key component of our 360 Leadership Review process. We support you in building a detailed Plan to enhance your skills and overcome challenges, building success for you and the organization. Our coaches are experienced trainers and educators who readily share their knowledge of learning and leadership and holding you accountable for following through on your commitments.

Leaders in Transition
Leaders in Transition delivers effective on-boarding strategies through Leadership Coaching. Success in your first year is critical: We support you in developing a clear understanding of your new role and in navigating through transitional challenges. Professional coaching, combined with best practices in leadership, promotes high levels of accountability and continuous learning to accelerate your performance.