Corporate Services

At CoreMatters, we define leadership as an ongoing process of building your own capacity and the capacity of others to achieve incredible results. Through rigorous research and curation of best practices, we build targeted workshops and services to address specific organizational needs.
We know that adult learners are more engaged when they see the connection and relevance between their professional learning and their daily activities. Our approach is practical and interactive, designed to enhance leadership skills, increase confidence and prepare leaders for immediate application.

CoreMatters delivers engaging workshops that build specific skills required to achieve the outcomes you identify as most important. Whether you’re interested in developing a shared understanding of accountability or developing a high functioning team, our workshops will produce the outcomes you need. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll show you how we customize these workshops to create a tailored solution. Our most popular workshops and services include:

  • DiSC- for individuals and teams
  • Team Charters – 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team
  • Building Accountability
  • The Coach Approach
  • 360 Leadership Review
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

Customized Facilitation
Leave the facilitation to us. Engaging a facilitator allows you to fully participate in sessions. We are skilled in custom designing and delivering interactive sessions that bring out the best in your people. We specialize in Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Team Building and facilitation.

DiSC Team Building
Are you struggling to establish a culture where people arrive in the morning with smiles and friendly greetings, happy to be at work and to see their coworkers? Does drama keep knocking at your door? Everything DiSC can help ensure a productive work environment, better relationships and team work.
Everything DiSC is NOT a flavour of the month training program. This tool will become a part of your organizational language and culture. Everything DiSC is simple, without being simplistic. The model is memorable and can be applied quickly.

Team Charter
The Team Charter captures the common purpose of the team and the commitments team members make to each other about how they will work together. Based on the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team ™, participants explore 5 key elements in working efficiently and effectively together. Ultimately, your team develops a set of clear and practical commitments to become a more cohesive team.

Building Individual & Team Accountability
Personal accountability is at the core of individual and team performance. According to Roger Conners, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman (1994) in The Oz Principle, your success as a leader comes down to one simple principle: “You can become stuck blaming others or you can get results.” Accountability requires a conscious and disciplined approach to leadership, working toward a more positive and constructive way of dealing with work and life challenges. This highly interactive workshop invites participants to explore accountability through a simple 5 step process.

Coach Approach
Accelerate your leadership by applying the Coach Approach. Coaching is a partnership that accelerates performance by focusing on employee development and career growth. The Coach Approach provides a practical approach for interacting with each other to enhance commitment and accountability. It is a key strategy to dramatically enhance employee engagement and empowerment.
Take it to the next level by building a coaching culture throughout your organization to promote strong corporate identity, organizational commitment and accountability.

360 Leadership Reviews
Whether you’re looking for help with an annual performance review or you need some extra support for an evolving leader, you’ve come to the right place. 360 Reviews are an excellent tool to help leaders improve and focus on their long-term career development. The combined perspectives of reporting staff, peers and supervisor offers a comprehensive picture about a leader’s skills, behaviour and impact.

Our Certified Executive Coaches know how to establish rapport, ask probing questions, remain objective and respect the confidentiality of all parties. Gathering a variety of perspectives, we pull together an objective report outlining current leadership strengths, challenges and gaps impacting the operation of an organization, division or department.

Creating a thorough Leadership Development Plan is a key component of our 360 Leadership Review process. We support you in building a detailed Plan to enhance your skills and overcome challenges, building success for you and the organization. Our coaches are experienced trainers and educators who readily share their knowledge of learning and leadership and holding you accountable for following through on your commitments.

Strategic Planning
If you’re looking for a practical, efficient and interactive approach to Strategic Planning, we can help. The Drivers Model offers 3 Phases of Planning to form a solid foundation for your strategic planning success.

The first Phase sets the Strategic Direction for the organization, answering the question, “Where do we want to be?” This includes a thorough review of the organization’s current state. We support you in creating a Briefing Report including Analysis of Customer & Employee Views, Industry Trends, and Competitor Information to ensure everyone is starting from the same point. The report forms the basis for establishing the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives.

Phase Two develops an Implementation Plan which answers the question “How do we get there?” This phase presents an opportunity to involve others in your organization to provide meaningful input into the plan, specifically to provide valuable feedback about how to achieve established Goals and Objectives.
Staff input can substantially enhance buy-in and drive ownership into the organization’s plan. A thorough set of Action Plans are created which identify steps, responsibilities, costs and timelines.

Phase Three establishes a Monitoring Plan; a regular schedule of reviewing and monitoring of the plan’s implementation, allowing for any adjustments to be made along the way to ensure success. A rigorous and supported monitoring plan will ensure your Strategic Plan is responsive and agile as you navigate through these changing times.