About Us

Our Philosophy

We are about supporting leaders. We know the expectations of leaders has never been more complex than it is now. The balance of managing processes and leading people to get the results you want requires thoughtful planning, development and support.

We support your success by taking a Coach Approach in everything we do, helping you to find clarity about your most important priorities, identifying what’s getting in your way, and what you might do differently to be successful.

Our Story

We are voraciously curious learners who are passionate about leadership. Over the years, we’ve learned from leaders who struggled and have been inspired by leaders who soar. For more than a decade, we’ve listened intently as we’ve coached leaders at all levels across all kinds of organizations.

We’re continually improving our skills and developing workshops to support leadership development. Most importantly we’re having a ton of fun working with some amazing people!

Meet the Team


Gail Daniels

Principal, CEC, MA

Gail takes a collaborative approach to help her clients focus on the presenting issue, explore their options, and develop efficient and effective plans. She empowers clients to get to the core of what truly matters most to them and builds accountability in achieving their desired goals.

Gail works closely with individuals and organizations across Alberta to enhance their leadership skills and support them in achieving their desired goals. She believes work that is fun and engaging, leads to productive solutions.

Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming

Principal, CEC, MALT

Brian brings over thirty years of experience in leadership, strategic planning, program development and staffing to CoreMatters. He blends a strong foundation of ethics and executive experiences to develop exceptional leaders. Brian has worked with leaders in corporations, public institutions and non-profit organizations to clarify what success looks like, develop plans to achieve goals and hold leaders accountable to their commitments.

Brian is dedicated to personal lifelong learning and believes that the development of others is the primary driver of success.

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